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We are changing the way you move

Who we are

Launching in London in 2013, eCars is the UK’s first fleet of electric-only minicabs.  Our mission is to make urban transport cheaper, greener and more customer friendly through the intelligent application of technology.

3 reasons we are cool:

  1. Our cars don’t emit any harmful emissions from the tailpipe, meaning that we help make London a nicer place for us all to live
  2. As there is no noisy diesel engine, our cars are quiet and comfortable and can take you anywhere within the M25 (including Heathrow)
  3. Even though we are using the latest technology, our cars are cheaper over short distances than any of our competitors


How it Works

We use electric cars (actually they are Nissan Leafs) and operate our own network of rapid chargers.  As such, our cars never run out of juice and can take you anywhere in the M25 listening to your own music (through bluetooth) and browsing on our free WiFi.  Our pricing model is much simpler than other companies – you pay just £3/mile traveled and we do not charge for pick-ups or drop-offs. So if you travel 1 mile with our car you will pay just £3. In fact, if you are traveling less than 5 miles, we will be cheaper than any other car company in London – if you find another company cheaper, tell us and we will match their price.

Also when you book via phone, web or via our mobile app, you can set up an account to collect eMiles. Every mile you travel with us, you will earn an eMile. Collect 10 eMiles to receive one mile of travel in our cars for free. And if you refer a friend to eCars, once they have collected their first 10 eMiles, you’ll earn 20 more eMiles!

Get In Touch

Potential Customers

If you are interested in learning more about eCars , would like to take one of our cars in the future or just want to be kept up to date with progress of our exciting young company then please send us a mail. We promise we will get back to you!

Potential Drivers

If you see yourself as a future driver of an eCars or would like to learn more about how you can earn more money in less time and in a cleaner, safer environment, then please provide your contact details here or below and we will give you a call to discuss.

Potential Investors

If you are interested in investing in eCars, then please contact us here or below. We will come back to you to discuss the opportunity to invest in London’s hottest start up.

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